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The Science-art.com image bank has several sophisticated features to help you find the subjects and images you need:

  • The initial gallery presentation (use the Image Bank <http://www.science-art.com/image_bank/> link at the top of the web page) returns all images in reverse chronological order, so you can always see the newest images loaded.
  • The search form returns images matching all the criteria selected, sorted by the priority of the image in each member's portfolio. Members who have placed an image matching your search as the top image in their portfolio line up will be displayed first in the results. All images that match your search and are assigned the 2nd position in member's portfolios will be returned next, etc.
  • The Text field searches the Title, Description and Keyword fields for matches. You may use Boolean AND, OR, NOT to refine the search. Ex: ((dog and cat) not bird) or lion - will return images containing both a dog and cat, but exclude those with the word bird, and will return any image with the word lion even if it does not have dog and cat and does include bird.
  • It is recommended that you do not make your searches too complex or you will quickly return 0 results.
  • Find a specific image file by entering its unique file number (ex: 13_69200385313_small.jpg).
  • Small words like "cat" will also return images with words like "flycatcher" and "education". If you want to restrict the search to the specific word, rather than any string containing that word, use quotes around the word in your search terms, eg. "cat", as opposed to simply cat

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